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Each and every city across the globe has its own unique array of bars, breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, and pubs with vibrant neighborhoods to host them all. We usually try to include cities that have robust craft beer scenes. If you are curious about what cities we’re working on next, click here. You can also learn about how we choose a new city. And if you don’t see your town here, but you’re the impatient needy type, and want to tell us what to do with our spare time, you can drop us a line.

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Buffalo, New York, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Denver, Colorado, USA
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
New York City, USA
North Jersey Gold Coast, New Jersey, USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Rochester, New York, USA
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Washington, District of Columbia, USA