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Future Pubway Cities

Pardon Our Pixels.

Thank You for Patience as We Upgrade Your Pubway

Pardon our dust… well pixels. We’re working around the clock to deliver you a better Pubway experience. Here you will find all of the upcoming and proposed Pubway Maps. At the moment, we are basing our decisions to make new Pubway Maps on our own personal knowledge of the cities, as well as the breweries established in those cities among other things. You can learn about the pubway creation process here. Yes, this would most likely explain why we thought creating one for Rochester, NY, which hasn’t operated a real subway since the 1950s, before Los Angeles, CA was a prudent decision. We do have a list of proposed and upcoming Pubway Maps, but if you want us to create one for your city sooner, drop us a line and maybe we’ll give it a whirl. Check out the progress we’ve made on future maps below.

Cape Town, South Africa0
San Francisco, California, USA0
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA0

Proposed Pubway Maps


Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA
Seoul, South Korea
London, England, UK
Copenhagen, Denmark
The Hague, Netherlands
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Berlin, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA
Blackpool, England, UK
Munich, Germany
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Warsaw, Poland
Hong Kong, China
Norfolk, VA, USA
Helsinki, Finland
Memphis, TN, USA
Istanbul, Turkey
Moscow, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia
Little Rock, AR, USA
Frankfurt, Germany
Budapest, Hungary
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Brussels, Belgium
Dusseldorf, Germany
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Kyoto, Japan
Minsk, Belarus
Vienna, Austria
Miami, FL, USA
Incheon, South Korea
Athens, Greece
Orlando, FL, USA
Cairo, Egypt
Vancouver, Canada
Charlotte, NC, USA
Lisbon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain
San Diego, CA, USA
Cleveland, OH, USA
Los Angeles, CA
Rome, Italy
Bern, Switzerland
Milan, Italy
Sapporo, Japan
Antwerp, Belgium
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Tokyo, Japan
Kiev, Ukraine
Newcastle, England, UK
Busan, South Korea
Zurich, Switzerland
Oslo, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Barcelona, Spain
Beijing, China
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prague, Czech Republic
Paris, France


Among others.